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Completely relax your body in only 15 minutes with AQUAMASSAGE.

Experience the feeling of warm pulsating water all over your body releasing pain, muscle tension and stress.


In addition to relaxing the body, the AQUAMASSAGE can help with severe muscle strain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, detoxification, healthy sleep and overall wellness.

AQUAMASSAGE also helps to dramatically alleviate symptoms associated with MS, Cerebral Palsy.



Wellness ….. at your Fingertips

Wouldn’t be nice if you could do a painless scan of your fingertips and get an instant and accurate report of your overall wellbeing?

Bioelectrography evaluates your physical health and psycho-emotional states in about 5 minutes with 98% accuracy.


What is Bioelectrography?

Bioelectrography is a breakthrough, non-invasive technology capable of measuring your body’s energy field to evaluate your physical and emotional health.

Bioelectrography uses Kirlian digital photography and sophisticated analytical software to analyze and evaluate electrophotonic glow around your fingertips.



appreciation-home“I appreciate so much what Veronica has taught me to relieve my pain”


….for the health of it!

clinical-hypnosis “Thanks to Clinical Hypnosis I no longer struggle with IBS or Fibromyalgia.”
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holistic-image-coaching “…. now that I can manage my stress well I have steadily lost the extra weight.”
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Our Success

At The Personal Wellness Center, we inspire people to make HEALTHY choices and create WELLNESS and SUCCESS in their lives. We focus on teaching how to nurture a healthy mind and body through lowering stress, embracing a positive outlook on life, and eliminating pain using holistic approaches.


“In 2008 I discovered Veronica and she opened my mind to alternative healing methods. I was diagnosed with remitting relapsing Multiple Sclerosis in 98 in which I took a daily needle of medication. In 2008, I started a new job which was a source of stress that began to trigger an MS exacerbation. I had pain in my hands. To me they felt like they were frozen cold, burning, and stiff even though to anyone else they felt normal. I am normally prescribed steroids to fix this problem. Instead, Veronica taught me how to relax, meditate, and heal myself. Within 3 weeks of daily meditation I was cured. Since then, I use her meditation and hypnosis techniques when I begin to feel “under the weather…” and for any other ailment. I am proud to say I have been prescription free since 2008. Even though MS is not curable according to doctors I have no symptoms. In my mind I am cured.” C.

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Counseling for Modern Life Challenges

Modern life sometimes feels like doing white water rafting with no previous experience creating a sense that we are losing control. When life challenges us with difficulties, it also presents us with an opportunity for growth and expansion. How we deal with those challenges determines our success in life. Modern life seems to be giving us more and more dares and we may feel that we are running out of energy and strength to keep up. In the midst of our struggle we need to remember that a life well lived is a life of growth and that requires continuous change.

A holistic approach to counseling, mind, body and spirit, can help you integrate gentle, innovative and effective methods to reduce stress, manage pain, and eliminate depression and anxiety. It can also teach you relaxation, visualization, guided imagery, breathing, journaling, meditation, energy techniques and much more to help you restore your balance, inner peace, and wellbeing. Your counselor can teach you how to use these new learned tools and how to access them whenever you need them.

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