Ciara Cooks

LCSW-C, Therapist

Ciara has over 10 years of experience passionately working to break the barriers and stigma associated with mental health services. She is certified and licensed in her field with a specialization in family, children and crisis intervention. She believes that therapy brings self-awareness and is an essential step to helping one be the best version of themselves. Ciara understands that no two individuals are alike, and all individuals have unique therapeutic needs. Ciara uses an eclectic approach to ensure a distinctive therapeutic experience. Ciara earned her master’s degree in Social Work at the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

What does "redefining wellness" mean to you?

Redefining wellness means a holistic approach to include mind, body, and soul. Mental health is as important as physical health. To be well, you must care for all parts of yourself to reach your full potential.