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“In 2008 I discovered Veronica and she opened my mind to alternative healing methods. I was diagnosed with remitting relapsing Multiple Sclerosis in 98 in which I took a daily needle of medication. In 2008, I started a new job which was a source of stress that began to trigger an MS exacerbation. I had pain in my hands. To me they felt like they were frozen cold, burning, and stiff even though to anyone else they felt normal. I am normally prescribed steroids to fix this problem. Instead, Veronica taught me how to relax, meditate, and heal myself. Within 3 weeks of daily meditation I was cured. Since then, I use her meditation and hypnosis techniques when I begin to feel “under the weather…” and for any other ailment. I am proud to say I have been prescription free since 2008. Even though MS is not curable according to doctors I have no symptoms. In my mind I am cured.” C.


Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness, is described by Jon Kabat Zinn as “awareness, cultivated by paying attention in a sustained and particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.”  When you are mindful, you are living in the present moment, not relieving the past and not worrying about the future.

Mindfulness is one of many forms of meditations.  Mindfulness meditation can act as healing from the inside out. When we meditate, mindfully, we are rejuvenating and healing our physical body.  We can clear our mind and give space to our creative intelligence to come forward.  It also allows us to stay grounded while the outside world continues to speed on. When we meditate, we are choosing to focus on one area of thought and monotask to be able to embrace the beauty in details generally missed. It has been said that clearing your mind enables you to fully experience the present moment.

Mindfulness builds resilience with gentleness to overcome life challenges.  It invites us to cultivate patience, trust, wisdom, and a non-judging attitude. The most forgiving aspect of mindfulness is that it can be done formally and informally, no one can say “I don’t have time.”  Because you can do it moment by moment as you live your busy life.  For example, you can be mindful while breathing, walking, cooking, driving, exercising, eating, showering, etc.  There is nothing in our lives where mindfulness could not be used.

Mindfulness can be used to improve every aspect of your life.  As you meditate you may begin to notice that an inner wisdom begins to emerge from within and provides guidance that comes from your heart.  The mind will often guide you from a perspective of fear and worry and the heart will guide you from a place of love and trust. With continued meditation practice, you begin to trust your intuition more and you begin to build confidence that no matter what life gives you will be fine. 

Mindfulness is not difficult to learn, by the contrary is very simple.  What is challenging is to apply it with consistency, most of the time. You can begin with a simple meditation from Thich Nhat Hanh: “I breathe in love, I breath out peace.”  Do that simple meditation as you focus your attention on your breathing and you will notice that in about 5 minutes you will beginning to experience inner peace.  You can also use it if you are having a hard time falling asleep.

Mindfulness works wonderful for children, teenagers, and adults.  Children take on mindfulness very naturally.  Mindfulness can help children and teenagers to slow down, to focus on the present moment and to appreciate the simple things in life. Practicing mindfulness meditation can strengthen family bonding and enhance the quality of your relationships with your children.  In addition, children and teenagers will benefit from making mindful choices with caring and compassion for themselves and others.

With mindfulness, children and teens become aware of what they are doing and understand that when they are mindful of the choices they make they can benefit greatly.

Check out our calendar for upcoming Mindfulness classes for children, teens, and adults.

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