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Experience the Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is recognized as one of the oldest methods of healing, with references in medical texts nearly 4,000 years old. Massage therapy, often referred to as bodywork or somatic therapy, refers to the application of various techniques to the muscular structure and soft tissues of the body that include applying fixed or movable pressure, holding, fiction, kneading and compression using primarily the hands. All of the techniques are used for the benefit of the musculoskeletal, circulatory-lymphatic, nervous, and other systems of the body. People seek massage therapy for a variety of reasons – to reduce stress and anxiety, relax muscles, rehabilitate injuries, reduce pain, and promote overall health and wellness.

  • Stress reduction and relief
  • Improves circulation
  • Relieves headaches
  • Reduces pain in targeted areas and all over the body
  • Helps with insomnia
  • Boosts immune system


Description of Massages

Custom Massage
Custom Massage – a combination of techniques including Swedish, myofascial, and trigger point therapy that is customized to fit the needs of your body. Whether a light or firmer touch is preferred, you will feel your muscles ease and tension melt away.

Deep Tissue
Deep tissue – focuses on the deeper layers of muscle, tendon and fascia to relieve chronic muscle tension. The goal is to break up adhesion which can be the source of pain, inflammation and limited range of motion.

Reflexology is the application of appropriate pressure to specific points and areas on the feet, hands, or ears. Reflexologists believe that these areas and reflex points correspond to different body organs and systems, and that pressing them has a beneficial effect on the organs and person’s general health

Massage  Menu

  • 60 Minute Custom – $75
  • 75 Minute Custom – $90
  • 60 Minute Deep Tissue – $85
  • 90 Minute Deep Tissue – $100
  • 30 Minute Reflexology – $45
  • 60 Minute Reflexology – $75

Corporate Chair Massage

Stress in the workplace has become a challenge that saps the energy and the focused attention of the modern worker decreasing valuable productivity for your business.  By providing your workforce with opportunities to de-stress you can bring the needed energy and focused attention that your business requires for SUCCESS.

A chair massage is a valuable service and benefit to bring to your work environment. This benefit translates as a caring thank you from you and a much appreciated reward for your employees who work hard for your business. You may also want to consider using chair massage as a surprise token of appreciation for an important client.

chair massage encourages employees for that final push on the last big project, it says thank for their hard work and commitment to their jobs.  A chair massage is a benefit that makes a difference.

Chair massage is a very effective technique to empower and re-energize your workforce in just a few minutes. Chair massage allows an oasis of relaxation to be created in the midst of a busy work environment. Massage in the workplace has been used for years as an added benefit for employees, due to its positive effects on productivity, morale, creativity and focus.

What are the benefits of chair massage for your employees and your business?

  • Reduce stress
  • Improve morale
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve creativity & focus
  • Provide a refreshing atmosphere
  • Decrease anxiety
  • Motivate staff
  • Decrease absenteeism
  • Increase energy 

The Personal Wellness Center now offers in-office chair massage services!  Our professional licensed massage therapist can come to your office with everything needed to set up a personal spa.  Leave the work to us and the relaxation to you.

Details of Service:

  • Hours of Operation by appointment:
    • Tuesdays, Thursdays and every other Saturday
  • Cost:
    • $125 per hour (2 hour minimum) 10-15 minutes massages are standard for chair massages. The time frame can be accommodated according to your needs.
  • Service Area:
    • $25.00 within 15 miles radius
    • $50.00 within 30 miles radius
    • $75.00 within 50 miles radius

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