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Wellness ….. at your Fingertips


Bioelectrography updateWouldn’t be nice if you could do a painless scan of your fingertips and get an instant and accurate report of your overall wellbeing?  Bioelectrography evaluates your physical health and psycho-emotional states in about 5 minutes with 98% accuracy.

What is Bioelectrography?

Bioelectrography is a breakthrough, non-invasive technology capable of measuring your body’s energy field to evaluate your physical and emotional health.  Bioelectrography uses Kirlian digital photography and sophisticated analytical software to analyze and evaluate electrophotonic glow around your fingertips.  

How does it work?

It is well known that from a single drop of blood we can obtain a wealth of information about many processes that occur in the human body. In a similar fashion, the electrophotonic glow from your fingertips contains information about nearly every major organ and function of human organism. This information is encoded in the shape, size and location of the electrophotonic glow.  Kirlian digital photography is a method that captures the electrophotonic glow of an object. Bioelectrography analyzes the electrophotonic glow with a sophisticated, cutting edge software suite and provides quantitative insight into your overall physical and emotional state.  This approach allows you to evaluate your level of wellness at the quantum level as opposed to the molecular level.

Why the fingertips?

The fingertips hold the electrical termination points for the 12 primary meridians based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  Meridians are pathways or channels in the body.  Our vital energy, or “chi” flows along these meridians, and anything that disrupts the smooth flow of chi is said to cause illness.  Each meridian corresponds to an organ and runs along the body.  Most Acupuncture and Acupressure points lie on a meridian. 

What are the benefits?

Bioelectrography has the potential to serve as an extremely powerful and comprehensive wellness diagnostics tool, capable of showing malfunctions of the body and mind long before any physical symptoms become evident.  It would allow for preventive measures, rather than wait until emergency  treatments and surgery are required.  This modern technology can also be helpful when traditional medicine is not able to find answers to certain  illnesses.  What makes this technology even more appealing is that electrophotonic images contain comprehensive information about human state at the  moment of recording and they can be used to monitor human response to treatments such as traditional medication, herbal or homeopathic medicine,  Acupuncture, Hypnosis, Reiki, Aroma Therapy or a placebo treatment. This technique enables an individual to explore and quantify response to a variety of  treatments. 


Bioelectrography most frequently asked questions…  

Your health at your fingertips

Why Bioelectrography?
Bioelectrography is accurate, convenient, and affordable way to keep tabs of your health and well-being. 

What is Bioelectrography?
It is a non-invasive method to identify issues that affect your physical and emotional health. 

How does it work?
Via a simple, painless scan of your fingertips, Bioelectrography captures and analyzes over 30 parameters utilizing Kirlian photography and a sophisticated software suite that employs fractal dimensionality to measure and chart your results. 

What is Kirlian photography?
It is a method to capture the photons/energy emitted by an object that dates back to 1939. With todays’ computer/programs and digital cameras it provides the speed, accuracy and repeatability necessary in Bioelectrography. 

Why the fingertips?
In the fingertips are located the termination points of the 12 meridian used in ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), these same meridians used in Acupuncture and Reiki to block or redirect energy. 

How does it differentiate from a regular physical examination?
Because Bioelectrography measures the energy at the terminal points of the 12 meridians (TCM) of the body’s internal organs, it can provide valuable information on the current physical and emotional state of the individual.  In addition, because measurements are performed at the quantum level, it can even detect potential issues before  they actually manifest physically. Bodily fluids, magnetic or radiation generated pictures can only provide information at the molecular level or once the problem has already manifested. 

Is Bioelectrography safe?
Bioelectrography is completely safe, as there is no buildup of exposure to radiation or magnetic fields, no extraction of fluids, and no possibility of cross-contamination. It is a picture of your fingertips using Kirlian photography equipment by means of Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV). GDV consist of a special lens filter over a digital camera. This filter contains a gap filled with ionized gas that when a fingertip makes contact with the lens, it forms a visible glow of energy around the contact area. 

How long is the procedure?
The actual process takes only 5 minutes, although you should allow an additional 50 minutes for the evaluation of the information provided by the computer generated graphs. 

How do I prepare myself for Bioelectrography testing?
Because Bioelectrography is measuring energy (quantum rather than molecular) there is no need for fasting, and it can be done at any time and more than one time on the same day. 

Is Bioelectrography testing expensive?
No, it is actually very affordable. The first visit includes setting up a personal profile and the initial test cost is  $125.00.   Once your profile has been established any subsequent test can be compared to earlier results to track improvement or further deterioration.

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