Pain Management


Chronic pain interferes with your ability to enjoy life, and often, it fuels anger and depression making things worst. Pain can also affect your relationships at home and reduce your productivity at work. When people struggle with pain, they tend to limit what they do because they want to avoid pain. You do have options; you don’t have to surrender to pain and suffering.

We have found that the most beneficial intervention for pain management using a technique called Tapping, a combination of acupressure and modern psychology that quickly addresses the emotions that create stress and exacerbates the pain. This technique creates a fast release in your body tension promptly eliminating, or at least alleviating, the pain.

Guided Imagery and Hypnotherapy also provide great relief from pain by guiding your body into deep relaxation, loosening the muscles and alleviating pain. Also, with Hypnotherapy your mind can be taught to raise the threshold to stressors so what is stressing you today tomorrow will not stress your body as intensely.

In a deep state of relaxation your body heals itself and learning how to relax your body helps you manage the pain without using medications and avoiding all the potential side effects. In the most difficult cases you may have to combine alternative methods and medication; however, you can drastically reduce the amount of medication needed.