Growing Knowledge Project


Growing Knowledge Project:

A nature-based, homeschool support service for children and families.

The Growing Knowledge Project© at The Personal Wellness Center is designed to use the natural environment as the “lab” for learning subject matter in English, mathematics, Science, social studies, art, music, health and wellness, and physical education. These subject matter areas are established as core learning for students in Maryland. Our unique approach to teaching and learning merges mindfulness and knowledge generation with hands-on, experiential learning.

The Growing Knowledge Project is designed to support families who choose to homeschool their children during this uncertain time of a pandemic. It is not meant to replace other traditional forms of learning, but as an adjunctive to those methods of teaching and learning. Increasing to connection to the nature world and increasing creative imagination and expression, this program will assist children and adolescents in learning that matches their unique learning style. Deeply embedded in this program is Howard Gardener, Ph.D.’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences which include: Naturalist (nature smart), Musical (sound smart), Logical-mathematical (number/reasoning smart), Existential (life smart), Interpersonal (people smart), Bodily-kinesthetic (body smart), Linguistic (word smart), Intra-personal (self-smart), and Spatial (picture smart) which allows for tailoring learning to the participant rather than using a cookie-cutter approach to learning.

Classes and workshops are offered weekly and each class is priced at $75 which includes all materials and instruction.