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REWOT – Relaxation Exercise With Oxygen Therapy

We all struggle to set time aside for “recharging our batteries”, whether we are at home or the office. We have many distractions, interruptions, and demands that do not allow us to relax and rebuild our energy.

When we hear of Oxygen Bars opening up in the big cities we think this is a new trendy discovery, or a new concept, but in reality is that oxygen therapy has been used safely for 100 years all over the world.  Dr. Otto Warburg, a Nobel Prize winner in medicine (1931), did considerable research on the body’s need for oxygen and claimed, “The fundamental cause of all degenerative disease is a condition called hypoxia” (oxygen starvation at the cellular level). 

Today, health practitioners are realizing the significance of Dr. Warburg’s work and the vital role this important element plays in maintaining our health and wellbeing. Oxygen is involved in every major process of the body.  When oxygen levels decrease, critical systems of the body break down, health suffers and the body shows signs of aging.  Lowered immune response and fatigue are among the first signs of an insufficient supply of oxygen.

We need more oxygen!

Many factors contribute to low levels of oxygen in our body.  These include: not enough exercise, lack of proper nutrition, high levels of stress, shallow breathing, and polluted air, water and soil.  As oxygen levels become lower in the body cells, our health begins to deteriorate and our body becomes vulnerable to numerous diseases.  Proper body metabolism requires a sufficient supply of oxygen to detoxify accumulated poisons and to burn food for energy.  When there is not enough oxygen available for the cells, toxic wastes accumulate, creating the ideal climate for harmful viruses and microbes.  These anaerobic disease-causing organisms thrive in an environment that is low in oxygen.  Supplying the body with adequate oxygen allows the cells to oxidize (“burn up”) the waste products, maintaining health and slowing down the aging process.

Oxygen and Ozone therapy is a treatment that provides your body with extra oxygen and it can help you:

  • stimulate the immune system
  • improve brain function and enhance memory
  • oxidize heavy metals and other toxins for easy elimination through the skin
  • inactivate viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungi, and parasites
  • promote cleaner, softer, rejuvenated skin
  • create a feeling of wellbeing
  • relax and loosen muscles, increasing flexibility
  • produce restful sleep
  • relieve pain

At The Personal Wellness Center we created something called  REWOTRelaxation Exercise With Oxygen Therapy.   This is done in a special chair with far-infrared heat which promotes healing and deep relaxation while the person breathes oxygen and listens to a guided imagery or hypnosis CD.  People who are struggling with health issues, going through chemotherapy, or have high levels of stress can greatly benefit from  REWOT when used regularly.    

REWOT... is a very effective way to manage stress and improve wellness.
  • is a perfect way to give ourselves a 15-30 min. “power boost” that lasts.
  • zero gravity chair, perfectly cradles the body, placing the feet slightly above head level, improving the blood circulation throughout the body without stressing the heart.
  • zero gravity chair’s jade stones provide far- infrared heat that penetrates deep in the body to release tension and muscle pain.
  • provides relaxation exercise – guided imagery – designed to guide you to easily reach a deep level of relaxation. When the body is deeply relaxed, it heals itself.
  • oxygen enriched air allows the body to increase its energy production.

REWOT – The ultimate personal “battery charger”



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