Erin Carrington, MA

Family Support Specialist
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Erin is a “Renaissance Girl” who enjoys all aspects of creativity, whether it be fine art, theater, dance and movement, singing, photography, or writing poetry and prose. Originally starting out years ago studying art therapy, she discovered drama therapy halfway through college and realized that it would incorporate ALL her creative passions in helping others heal. With a Master’s in Drama Therapy and 22+ years of experience in the mental health field with children, adults and families, she believes in a very holistic approach to encouraging and guiding clients toward their most empowered and balanced self. Erin is also a Reiki master at the Personal Wellness Center, and incorporates energy work into her treatment of clients.

What does redefining wellness mean to you?

To me, wellness is finding balance in our life– incorporating the mental, spiritual, intellectual, physical, energetic and CREATIVE realms of our Selves into one whole, beautifully balanced being. I am so grateful to be able to work in the mental health field and to be able to add Reiki healing¬†and¬†creative expression in my life’s work to help people feel more well-rounded and empowered, which are big parts of feeling WELL.