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What do most people really want in life?  Is it financial security? Loving and supportive relationships?  Health? Happiness?  Most people would say all of the above, not knowing that they all have the same common denominator. If one can achieve the common denominator one can have all. 

In talking to hundreds and hundreds of people in my line of work I have discovered that what people really want is inner peace more than anything.  That is the only reason we want “all the above.”  Financial security, loving relationships, health and happiness gives us the same result: inner peace.  The truth is that nothing is more valuable in life than that. As you can see the answer is simple, yet difficult to achieve.  Learning how to cultivate inner peace can take a life time for some people but it doesn’t have to be that way for you.  If you can learn to focus your attention on the practice of inner peace instead of focusing on the hundreds of things you want to achieve every day you could get a lot more done.  Don’t make the assumption that you need to throw away your goals and strategies, you need them.  It all works together in perfect harmony.  I have specific and tangible goals every year, however, my ultimate goal in life is inner peace, nothing else.  If I can achieve that, I can have it all.

How do you begin to cultivate inner peace in the midst of this modern world that is filled with fear, financial insecurity, relationship struggles, and feeling overworked and over-stressed?

David Mercier, author of the award winning book:  A Beautiful Medicine has crafted an approach called Neuromindfulness which combines the ancient practice of mindfulness meditation with modern insights from neuroscience.  This form of meditation practice induces relaxation easily and readily, which in turn promotes improved cognitive function.  This improved cognitive function promotes creativity and productivity. Once you are able to deactivate the stress response in your brain, your natural talents and abilities become more readily available to you.  From a place of inner peace you can feel free to craft your life according to what matters most to you. 

Neurominfulness is a form of meditation that allows your essence to come forth.  Mercier says: “Many people believe that meditation is a technique, but it’s more than that.  It’s a way of being in the world that allows us greater sense of ease and clarity.” 

Neuromindfulness, like learning a foreign language, develops slowly, one practice at the time.  We are living in times when we want things instantly because we have “no time to wait.”  However, we must remember that the best things in life take time and that hasn’t changed since the beginning of times.  For example, a baby takes 9 months from conception to birth; healthy relationships take time to build; a good education is acquired over time, etc.  Good things in life require not only time but patience as well.

Modern times are the perfect time to embrace new habits that are most likely to help you create your life the way you would like to be.  If you begin mindfulness practice today by the time this year comes to an end you will be skilled at creating inner peace. 

Happy New Year!!


veronica-headshotVeronica Correa, LCSW-C, is a licensed clinical social worker and life coach.

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