Living an Intentional Life

Living An Intnetional Life

Living an Intentional Life

We are human beings going through a spiritual experience here on earth, and when we forget that purpose we struggle.  This idea is not just for the mystics or for people who are “out there,” this concept is for you and I, regular, everyday people.  How does one live their life as a spiritual experience that is filled with purpose, wellness and happiness?

The first step is to set your intentions high. You discover what your intentions are by asking questions like:  What do I really want?  What are my gifts?  What did I come here to give? What is my next step in achieving my vision?  How can I contribute to the world? Who do I need to become to achieve my dreams and my life’s purpose? You also must learn to listen to the subtle voice of your heart.  Your life’s purpose is encoded in your heart and only you can decode it.  We were all born with greatness inside us and our life’s purpose is to manifest it.  Unfortunately, we get too complacent because we are afraid we are not good enough to manifest it, or we are filled with doubts and confusion about what our real purpose is.

The second step is to see the lessons and the opportunities in the challenges we face.  There is a deeper meaning in the difficulties and struggles we confront on a regular basis.  Michael Bernard Beckwith, a spiritual teacher, explains it best how to understand the spiritual opportunities in the challenges we face: “Behind every problem there is a question trying to ask itself, behind every question there is there is an answer trying to reveal itself, behind every answer there is an action trying to take place and behind every action there is a way of life to be born.” The challenges and difficulties we face are present to help us grow and expand in our spiritual path. This ultimately leads to happiness, inner peace and wellness.

Living an intentional life is about unfolding our life’s purpose.  Our life’s purpose and God’s life purpose for us is one and the same.  Some people worry that they may not like God’s purpose for their life but the truth is that it would never happen that way.  If we could manifest God’s idea of our life, we would feel it’s a wonderful experience.

The third step, as important as the others, is to trust and surrender to your own inner guidance. You are the only expert on you.  A consistent mindfulness meditation practice can be the most helpful approach to learn to listen to the voice of our own heart.  At first it may be a challenge for some people, with practice it becomes easier and easier.

As the year is coming to an end, once again, let’s ask ourselves the questions mentioned above, let us set our intentions high, listen for the guidance on how to get there and lastly, let us trust and surrender that the guidance of our hearts is the true guidance.  At first this process is not easy but it gets better with practice.  We must “hang in there” until we can “see it” or “feel it” clearly.  This guidance is available to all of us, not just a selected few.  Let’s make this new year the BEST one for ourselves, our families and our community.

Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR filled with blessings, love, health and success.

vero-headshot-laughVeronica Correa, LCSW-C, is a licensed clinical social worker, certified hypnotherapist and life coach

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