Let Your Heart Lead the Way

Let Your Heart Lead The Way

Let Your Heart Lead the Way

There is a quote that says: “man’s longest journey is only eighteen inches long, from the mind to the heart.” This means that is not an easy task for us humans to let our heart lead the way.  However, modern research is confirming what sages from the past knew, the heart can lead us through life with more accuracy. 

For me, listening to my heart, has been an innate way of living life, personally and professionally.  I remember clearly, when I was 19 years old my mother saying to me: “Veronica you chose the wrong man to marry.”  I trusted my mother and we had a good relationship so her opinions were important to me.  I noticed my attention going to my heart as if to confirm, or better assess, what my mother had said and I clearly heard my heart’s guidance: “follow him” and I did.  We are celebrating our 39th wedding anniversary this New Years, my heart was right.  I married my soulmate.  As I get older, I have developed an even closer connection with my heart because it has proven to me its accuracy through many situations and events in my life.

The mind loves creating drama and playing catastrophic outcomes, the heart would never engage in such a thing.  The heart is about love and trust.  The heart can influence the mind when the mind is calm and receptive.  When the mind is scared of outcomes makes you waste time in playing ugly conclusions and consumes a great deal of energy robbing you from your innate creativity that could be used in more meaningful ways to solve the challenges we face.  The heart will always lead to inner peace.  The more we practice connecting and listening to our hearts, the more inner peace and joy we can cultivate.  The voice of your heart is your true self.

In a Huffington Post blog by Deborah Rozman, president and CEO of HeartMath Institute titled Let Your Heart Talk to Your Brain she says: “Although the heart and brain are in constant communication, we can intentionally direct our heart to communicate to our brain and body in beneficial ways. When we experience sincere positive emotions, such as caring, compassion or appreciation, the heart processes these emotions, and the heart’s rhythm becomes more coherent and harmonious. This information is sent to the brain and the entire body neurologically, biochemically, biophysically and energetically. You can shift into this coherent state to bring your mind and heart into harmonious alignment and have more access to intuition often in less than a minute. It can take a little practice to do this on demand, but it gets easier and quicker the more you do it.” This powerful information is now available to us.  We are in charge of shifting and changing how we feel moment by moment.

Train yourself to ask your heart and “feel” the answers at the center of your chest.  The feeling of “YES” is light and it brings inner peace.  The feeling of your heart saying “NO” is heavy and unsettling.  With practice, you get better at trusting the messages of your own heart. Ask the questions: “What does my heart say?” What does my heart want?,” and “How does my heart feel?” Once you receive the answers is important to honor the messages and to follow its guidance.

Let your heart lead the way and create a truly joyful and peaceful New Year!

Veronica Correa, LCSW-C, is a licensed clinical social worker, certified hypnotherapist and life coach.

To learn more about her work visit: www.thepersonalwellnesscenter.com 

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