My Healing Journey

The Personal Wellness Center

My Healing Journey

Patty MoralesIt all started on May, 2013 during one of our trips to visit our daughter in New York City. After walking for a few blocks and going in and out of the subway, I started having awful pain on my right hip. I thought it would go away, but it only got worst.  By June, my left hip started hurting, it was so bad that I went to see my physician. My blood work showed that I had an extreme anemia, and I was admitted to the hospital for blood transfusion. Before I left the hospital, my pain was unbearable. I was not able to understand then what was happening. I left the hospital with a prescription for narcotics, and I was told to follow up with my physician. This was the beginning of a procession of doctors.

After I was discharged from the hospital, I was offered a massage and a Reiki session at The Personal Wellness Center in Salisbury. At the end of the session my pain was not better , but all the frustration and anger melted. I felt peace. I did not go back to The Wellness Center. I am a Nurse Practitioner and a Biochemist, and a holistic approach to healing was not something that I believed in or understood then.

Because I had a history of psoriasis, I diagnosed myself with psoriatic arthritis. I asked my doctor to refer me to a rheumatologist and physical therapy. Physical therapy kept me moving while I was waiting for an appointment to see the rheumatologist.  Time passed and I was feeling worst. I was able to work, but I was not able to take care of my house, my family, visiting my friends or going out. My pain regimen was taking NSAIDS twice a day, Tylenol in between while I was at work. As soon as I got home, I took Vicodin or Percocet 2 tablets every four hours. Narcotics have the opposite effects on me, instead of helping me go to sleep, they gave me insomnia. After four hours, the effect went away, and I was on pain and unable to sleep.

On December 2013, I was still waiting to see a rheumatologist, and I was not able to bear my pain any longer. In desperation, I asked one of my friends to prescribe prednisone. As soon as I started taking prednisone my pain got better, and I started feeling like myself again. I knew that I could not take it for too long because of the side effects. I had to choose between dealing with side effects later on or lying in bed twisting from pain.

By mid-January 2014, I finally went to see a rheumatologist. She prescribed Methotrexate, which helped a little but did not took my pain away. Between taking methotrexate, prednisone NSAIDS, and narcotics I was able to function until June.  Despite my pain I went on a medical mission to Nicaragua. The trip was wonderful. I enjoyed every minute of it; however, I could feel my body getting more and more tired.  Five days after I got home, I fell down the stairs, or I could say I reached bottom.      

On my desperation, I went back to The Personal Wellness Center. A Healing Journey was outlined for me, and that opened the door for my healing. Every Friday I would meditate on the BioMat, and then I would spend time talking with a holistic counselor.  The second time that I meditated on the BioMat, I went home and I slept for 24 hours. By Monday I was feeling better.  As soon as I started feeling better and seeing results, I started meditating every day for 45 minutes and reading about self-healing. I also spent every minute that I had to listening to people that have changed their lives by changing their mind.  While I was meditating, I was able to perceive the reasons of for my illness. These answers would come like whispers to my ears. I found out that for many years I had been acting and feeling like a victim. I found out that I was controlling, envious, and jealous.  It was a huge eye opening for me; I never thought I had those feelings.    

Little by little, I changed my attitude toward my husband and my children. Years of feeling victimized by my husband changed in seconds after listening to what he had to say. Our relationship improved immediately, and I love him more than I ever did. As I changed the way I perceived the world around me, I was feeling better and better, and I started taking less and less pain medications. In my conversations with the holistic counselor at The Personal Wellness Center, my past experiences came into my awareness, and I was able to forgive others and more important to forgive myself.   

By October 2014, I was not taking any more pain medications, and I quit taking Prednisone.  In November, the rheumatologist told me that my psoriatic arthritis was on remission. The only thing left was some dry patches on my arms from my psoriasis. By January 2015, the patches disappeared, and my skin is completely clear. It seems like a dream now; I have never felt better and happier as I feel now. I give thanks to God and every one that helped me in this path. Every day is an opportunity for growing and helping others to find healing.  As a Nurse Practitioner, my hope is that my healing journey will inspire others to heal themselves.