My Healing Journey with Bach Flower Remedies

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My Healing Journey with Bach Flower Remedies

By Zlati Koscina, Reiki Master& Bach Flower Practitioner

Being born and raised in a country where natural medicine was part of our daily lives has been a tremendous contribution to understanding the concept of holistic approach and natural healing. My mother used to make remedies based on plants and herbs to cure simple conditions like colds, headaches, toothaches, cuts, stomachaches, sadness, and fears. Most of these plants and herbs were found in our backyard or in the farmers’ market. My mother used to make teas or infusions or simply apply it topically, depending on the condition to be treated at the time. When my siblings or I got a cold, she made us Te de Tilo (Linden Tea), and we drank that throughout the day for two or three days, and like magic, the cold was gone. If the cold was accompanied by a mild cough, then she would boil avocado tree leaves and pits in water and mix it with honey. We would drink that and after a few days, the cough would be gone. When we were sad or anxious, she would prepare Valerian or Melissa tea, and the emotions or feelings would disappear right away.  Doctors intervened, back in my times, only in situations where the fever wouldn’t subside or there was a fractured bone, bleeding or conditions were extreme. Then, we would be treated with medicine.

First time I heard about the Bach Flowers was when I was just married, 23 years ago, and to me, it was fascinating how these flowers and plants could go beyond the physical symptoms and cure other conditions like fears, depression, lack of concentration, insecurities, etc. I saw a whole documentary, prepared by local journalists about children being treated by this God-sent remedies. They were following these kids’ treatment from beginning to end, and the results were amazing. Children were being treated for many conditions, lack of confidence, fears, depression, and ADD, among others. I remember seeing real transformations, from a child being really shy to a much more confident and outgoing kid. I saw children with ADD having more concentration in class and bringing grades up. Despite of the fact of the results I was seeing on these children, it never occurred to me that twenty some years later, I was going to use the Bach Flower system. I believed I had to have a “special condition”, like those children, to use it.

When I came to the States, sixteen years ago, I came to live the American dream. I came with my husband and my two girls (6 and 1 year-olds back then), and I thought I had everything I needed to start living this new life. At the beginning, everything was fine, until I found myself trying to communicate with the rest of the world. It was a disaster. I couldn’t articulate a word; my English was very basic, and soon it became a barrier. I also started to feel the separation anxiety. I was facing a new culture, new language and new customs. Soon my anxiety started building up, and I ended up with panic attacks. I knew deep inside that this was something that I created in my mind; I thought that I would never be able to speak the language, and did not know how to get out of my own way.

Panic attacks were taking away the joy of life. Soon, I found myself hopeless. I thought I had to live with this condition my whole life, until I was introduced to Reiki. After my first session, I was so relaxed and at ease that I felt “normal” again, so I kept going to my sessions. Months after, my panic attacks subsided considerably and eventually disappeared. It was then; I decided to become a Reiki practitioner.

As a Reiki practitioner, the curiosity of exploring other healing alternatives was always there, but I did not know what would be a good complement to my practice, until the Bach Flowers were mentioned to me. I instantly made the connection back with those children being healed by receiving treatment with Bach Flowers. When I read that Bach Flowers raised the vibration frequency on people, I said: this is it! Reiki does exactly the same thing, so Bach Flowers were the perfect match to my practice. I looked for a class and I signed up.

When I took the first level of Bach Flowers, part of the introductions was to explain our experience with Bach Flowers. I noticed, at that moment, that the majority of my classmates had experienced the essences at some point in their lives. Some of them were using the essences for years on a daily basis. When it was my turn, all I said was: “I have never experienced the Bach Flowers before. I am here because I thought I could complement this modality with my Reiki practice.” When it was the next person’s turn, I found myself wondering, “If I am going to treat my clients with these essences, how am I going to explain to them its effectiveness if I haven’t even tried them.” That was my turning point. Instead of seeing this as an unfavorable event, I looked at it as an opportunity to learn, to heal and set myself as an example to others, especially my clients.

As the class was developing and got into descriptions and details on each essence, I found myself identifying my own challenges, beliefs, pattern of thinking, stressors, etc., I could also relate myself and my challenges to many of the essences presented. I realized I had in front of me the most complete system of healing. It was at this point when my own healing journey with the flowers began.

I was so excited when we mixed our own bottle flowers at the end of the class. I could not wait to see results and to actually deepen my knowledge about this wonderful healing method. A week later, I got my own set of flowers, and I started to use them on a daily basis. After finishing my very first bottle of treatment, I assessed myself once more; I found myself getting more and more familiar, first, with myself and then with the system. It was overwhelming at the beginning, but very rewarding at the end. I woke up every morning being aware of the essence I needed to take for the day, and I still do.

Making the flowers part of my life not only affects my own life, but also those around me. Being able to help my daughter, for example, has been a blessing. She gets anxious easily, especially when she needs to perform in school and sports. She also gets easily distracted in class. She couldn’t believe how focused she was in class after taking the essence called Clematis. She noticed the difference right away. The flowers have made their way. I am not only seeing the transformation in some members of my family and myself, but also in my clients. Most of my clients who have been treated with Bach Flowers have reported improvements on lowering  stress level, improving mood, lowering anxiety and/or depression, and increasing confidence, to name a few.

Classes and my own healing journey helped me understand Dr. Bach’s philosophy. Being tuned in with his patients, Dr. Bach was able to identify and understand that the mental state of a patient, his or her personality and attitudes affected the physical component of his or her being. So, instead of focusing on the symptoms itself, he believed that effective treatment involves addressing the cause of the illness by looking into those components. I understand that the mind shows the onset and course of the disease, and the outlook of mind is all it needs to be considered. Heal the mind and the body will heal itself, and the flowers are designed to treat this aspect of an individual, not the disease or the symptoms of the disease, like he said: “Health depends on being in harmony with our souls.”

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Zlati Koscina, Office Manager, Reiki Master and Bach Flowers SpecialistZlati Koscina is a Reiki Master and Bach Flower Practitioner. She received her Bach Flower training from the prestigious Edward Bach’s Education Center and her Reiki Master training from ICRT -the International Center for Reiki Training. Zlati was directly trained by William Lee Rand and she has been practicing Reiki for several years. Her work focuses on helping people with a variety of life challenges helping them reduce stress and anxiety and bring balance and healing into their lives.