Become A Possibilitarian


I am not sure what your political party is but I belong to the Possibilitarian’s Party where you are encouraged to achieve and create the life you want.  My daughter tells me:  “mom you live in a bubble that is not real”, and she is correct.  However, I love my bubble, I am happy and healthy in it, and I also teach others how to create a permeable bubble where they can let only good and positive things come through.  The truth is that we all live in a bubble, but we are unaware that we are creating it moment by moment, and that we sustain it by the thoughts we think every day, all day.  I have a friend who said to me once:  “Veronica, you have to be realistic,” I asked her:  “Which reality, yours or mine?  I always like my reality better because it’s filled with possibilities.  In the book The Impersonal Life there is a quote that validates my approach: “A thinker lives in a world of his own conscious creation.” 

The book above mentioned also says:  “When you once know how ‘to think,’ you can create at will anything you wish ….” This means that if you are a Possibilitarian, you believe that all things are possible.  You also know in your heart that when life goes south, you will somehow move north, at the right time.  I find that the biggest challenge is patience for “the right time” part; I want things to happen now, not tomorrow or next month, now!  Also, I am often tempted to quit and not wait for things to turn around, at the right time.

To be a Possibilitarian is to maximize the emotional intelligence within us, allowing our minds to open up to the endless possibilities and tapping into our hidden potentials.  It allows us to evolve into a higher, wiser and more peaceful person.  We begin to gain confidence in our ability to create, to experience vibrant health, to enjoy more supportive, synergistic and exciting relationships, to increase prosperity and abundance, to know peace of mind, to attract the realization of dreams and goals and to make a difference in the lives of others.

As a Possibilitarian we also know that we have to work from within the person to release the blocks that hold us back from reaching our highest potential.  We can do this through meditation and prayer to open our heart to the guidance of our inner wisdom. 

Learning “how to think” is the key to a good life filed with love, trust and happiness.  Begin today by being mindful of your thinking and as you shift your thoughts toward possibilities the world around you will begin to change.  Open your heart and choose to trust the process of life and believe that divine guidance is coming to you, at the right time.



Veronica Correa, LCSW-C, is a licensed clinical social worker, certified hypnotherapist and life coach.

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